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Hotspots – A detailed guide to towns in and around the Itria Valley

If you ignore the central tourist area, this is a pleasant town with a relaxed atmosphere. Town houses of interest are mainly trulli. Expect to pay 100,000 euro for a small 2-bedroomed town trullo. Outside the town you may find a newly-restored 2-bedroomed trullo for around 160,000 euro. Trulli for restoration can range from about 30,000 euro, but at this price you will never end up with a very large property. Larger country properties are not so easy to find, the area between here and Martina Franca and Locorotondo is one of the most sought-after in the region. You can find small masserias, country properties based on trulli, or newer villas, but there is no good guideline available on pricing, which varies widely from property to property.

The historic centre has some attractive houses which occasionally come up for sale. The Locorotondo area stretches across the Itria Valley to the south, and northwards towards Fasano, with trulli for restoration on all sides.

As with Locorotondo there are occasional historic centre properties for sale, either habitable or needing restoration/updating, also trulli in the surrounding countryside. Towards Ostuni and Ceglie Messapica property prices fall away slightly, but still expect to pay 150,000 to 160,000 euro for a 3 bedroomed trullo property needing some modernisation.

Martina Franca

Property in the beautiful historic centre is much in demand.

Putignano, Castellana and Conversano
To the west of Alberobello the landscape changes subtly, and trulli become less evident. This area does have some attractive properties and is more in demand. There are country villas for sale, with prices from around 140,000 euro for a 3 bed-roomed property, trulli for restoration from around 40,000 euro. Conversano’s historic centre has some attractive town houses.

Selva di Fasano, Canale di Pirro
In the hills above the plains town of Fasano there is a range of property available, sometimes with dramatic panoramic views over the plain below to the Adriatic. Until a while ago this area was notable for its summer villas, spread across woody hill slopes. Today it is more in demand for all-year-round living and makes a pleasant and convenient base for both the Adriatic beaches and the inland towns. Development here is now limited, so prices are expected to continue rising in the future.

Currently available are apartments, villas and trullo properties. New 3-bed apartments with sea views start at around 180,000 euros, and 3-bedroomed villas from around 200,000 euros. Trullo properties can be found inland, either for restoration or restored, with prices similar to the Itria Valley.

Fasano area
The town of Fasano is surrounded by ancient olive groves, with huge numbers of olive trees some of which are a thousand years old. Because of the uniqueness of the area, there is now heavy presumption against development here, which is making finding properties on the Fasano plain between the coast and the hills difficult.

It is possible to find the occasional modernised property in the plain, expect to pay around 250,000 or more for a modern or trullo-based property. There is also the opportunity in the foothills to the south to buy small rustic property for restoration, either trulli or other stone-built country buildings, from 30,000 euro upwards.

The Coast
There is a string of small resorts on the coast between the modern fishing village of Savelletri to Costa Merlata. Torre Canne is a heavily developed – if small – beach resort, for better property options it is worth looking at the villages of Pilone, Rosa Marina, Villanova and Costa Merlata. These have attractive leafy avenues and small family beaches.

Villas close to the sea start at around 120,000 euro for 2 bedrooms attached villas without gardens. For quality villas fronting the sea or literally within a stone’s throw expect asking prices of between 400,000 and 600,000.

Ostuni is a very popular town with visitors, and there is a good range of property in the surrounding area. You will find small country properties with stone “lamias” or trulli in the distinctive Ostuni style, with flat or domed roofs, also a good range of country villas.

Again finding property towards the sea is more difficult than inland, and inland property tends to give you more for your euros. The area has been growing in popularity with foreign buyers in the last year and this is expected to show its effect in availability and prices of property.

Country properties with land start at around 50,000 euros needing restoration. Newly converted and restored start at around 150,000-160,000 for 2 bedrooms. Modern villas, habitable but maybe needing some modernisation, start at around 90,000 euro. Larger villas and masserias are also available.

In Ostuni itself it is possible to find town centre properties, either independent houses or apartments, the nearer to the heart of teh centro storico the higher the price.

South of Ostuni
The countryside changes south of Ostuni, with flatter land becoming dominated by olive groves. Property here is good value. Around San Michele Salentino a small group of trulli for restoration can cost from 35,000 euro, a 2 bedroomed restoration around 180,000 euro, a habitable trullo with extension or new villa will cost from around 120,000 euro. The area is a little more remote than eg the Itria Valley, but there is the advantage here of easy access to Brindisi airport.

Ceglie Messapica is a fairly attractive small town but it does not have the cachet of, say, Martina Franca or Ostuni. Property prices here are somewhere between those of San Michele and the Itria Valley.