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Living in Puglia

You will almost certainly need a car, as Puglia is not well-blessed by public transport away from the main rail or town-to-town bus routes. In theory you can only use your UK car in Italy for 6 months before re-exporting it, which makes residence desirable if you are here all year round.

On the whole living is cheap compared to the UK, with some notable exceptions such as car insurance. It is often a surprise to find how little tradesmen charge. The crime rate is low, especially inland. If you are keen to maintain links with the UK, satellite TV will give you Sky and some BBC radio, television and more. But don’t neglect acquiring some skills in speaking Italian, as fewer people speak English than in northern Italy.Health care is generally reckoned to be superior to that in the UK, and the local hospitals are currently undergoing reorganisation to provide extra specialist skills. School provision is good, and school buses provide transport from the rural areas to nearby towns. Shopping facilities range from small local shops to a few out-of-town hypermarket malls.

You will find the people here relaxed and friendly, and very helpful. New neighbours will be curious about your arrival, and if you show willing with a smattering of Italian you will find them very generous and hospitable.

One thing you will learn to live with is Puglia’s long lunch break – mandatory between 1pm and about 4.30. Just about time to enjoy some of those delicious vegetables or seafood, washed down with a glass of wine. And maybe a nap in the sun.